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We believe everyone deserves a really attractive smile although it is particularly important for image conscious teenagers. Unfortunately teeth have a habit of growing in ways we often wish they didn’t.

Thankfully orthodontic treatment will help many people achieve beautiful straight teeth, a better bite and even improve eating and speaking.

Teeth are an obvious sign of orthodontic problems but the cause is often down to your lips and tongue. While bones in our mouth may be strong, over time the constant action of muscles around them can lead to an underdeveloped jaw and poor facial appearance.

That is why we like to tackle these problems early. It’s never too late to benefit from orthodontics however. One of our happiest orthodontic clients is in her seventies, though you’d never guess it from her appearance.

If the only reason you are living with crooked teeth is the thought of wearing a brace then Invisalign could be the answer. Impressions of your teeth and gums are scanned, then a sophisticated computer model helps us design a series of clear aligners. Over time these gradually reposition each tooth into the smile you’ve been dreaming of. They are almost invisible and can be taken out at any time.
More than 48% of the population are unhappy with their teeth. It’s never too late to become one of the 52% who are.
British Dental Health Foundation

About 80 per cent of the population suffer from malocclusion, the technical term for teeth that do not fit the jaw. The positioning of teeth affects their rate of wear, the health of the jaw joint and as a consequence overall health.

Braces can help if you have trouble chewing food or have gappy or crooked teeth. Orthodontics can also help you if you have an overbite where your front teeth overlap too much, or an open bite where your upper and lower teeth don’t touch.

Orthodontic treatment can be undertaken at any age and adult treatment is growing fast because it’s now recognised for its role in improving self-confidence in patients who are unhappy with their appearance. 

Our range of Invisalign clear aligners, clear braces and traditional braces give you choice about how to get that smile you’ve always wanted, depending on how discrete you want your treatment to be. As a children’s dentist in Weybridge we actually find that a lot of kids prefer traditional braces. It appears that it’s cool to change your colours every time you get them tightened…

A third of 12-year-olds need their teeth straightening, but many parents wait until they qualify for NHS dental treatment only to join the waiting list and miss their chance of getting the best long term outcome.

It's important to give your child the best possible orthodontic care when it really matters because timing affects the length of treatment and the quality of the outcome. If you can give your child straight, healthy teeth for life today, why wait?

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Although WeLoveTeeth accepts most popular debit and credit cards you may wish to spread the cost of paying for more complex treatment. Finance, subject to an application and approval, means the price of an Implant or Invisible brace can be as little as £35 a month. And you will enjoy the benefits of a healthier mouth or beautiful smile long after you have paid for the treatment. Just ask our receptionist or dentist for further details.

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    • “I haven’t been to the dentist in over ten years and naturally I was very nervous making the appointment. Dr Paula Brennan and her team made me feel very relaxed and their professional but approachable style was much appreciated. I ended up needing a filling and I can honestly say I felt no pain. Everything was explained in advance and communication skills were second to none. Facilities are spotless and modern. I will be a regular return client and I will recommend We Love Teeth to my colleagues and friends. Dentists are no longer to be feared!”

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