A dental implant is like growing a new tooth

For many this can be a life-changing procedure

Smiling for a photograph is no longer stressful and food you have not enjoyed for years is back on the menu. Some people are put off implants because of their cost, that’s why we offer plans to help you spread the payments.

With proper care a dental implant should last a lifetime and yet many of our patients have paid for implants in less than a year using finance at 0% APR (subject to status and application approval).

That means the dental implant cost is taken care of, leaving you to get on with enjoying your new life. Just let us know when you’d like your implant consultation and we’ll talk you through your options.

A dental implant is the next best thing to growing a new tooth because it feels and looks real, is permanently fixed in place and restores your bite to its full strength. If you’ve lost one or more teeth and no longer want to put up with gaps in your teeth or wear dentures this could be the option for you.

Unfortunately the NHS doesn’t offer dental implants as part of its service, so you’ll need to contact a private dental practice like WeLoveTeeth to discuss this treatment.

If you’ve lost multiple teeth, ask us about all on four dental implants, where implants are used to support bridges giving you a full set of new, permanent teeth. Not only will you feel great about eating and talking again, your jaw will realign to its correct position and implants will halt bone loss, so you’ll look younger.

Dental implants look, feel and work like natural teeth, and that’s because the jawbone grows around them so, in effect, the body treats them like natural teeth. They represent the best possible solution to tooth loss because once they have been fitted they behave like natural teeth and, as long as they are looked after, last just as long.

There’s a 25% decrease in width of bone during the first year after tooth loss and gum tissue also gradually decreases. That’s why chewing and speaking get harder.

Eventually, with multiple tooth loss, the distance from nose to chin decreases and with it, the lower third of the face partially collapses. The chin rotates forward and upward, and the cheeks, having lost tooth support, become hollow.

Being toothless also means you’ll probably look unhappy because your lips, unsupported by teeth and gum tissues, will start to sag. The same will most likely be true of your self-confidence. Not much fun, so please don’t suffer needlessly, come in and get your dental implant consultation.

  • I needed extensive dental restoration when I first visited WeLoveTeeth. Dr Paula Brennan is a fantastic dentist and discussed everything in detail with me regarding my dental plan before commencing treatment. The treatment has been carried out with the utmost care and professionalism.
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Treatment Guarantees

Treatment Guarantees up to 5 Years!

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“You can trust WeLoveTeeth to provide the best dental care with materials that really last.” Dr Paula Brennan BDS

Ways To Pay Including 0% APR Finance.

High quality dental care should be affordable for everyone.

Although WeLoveTeeth accepts most popular debit and credit cards you may wish to spread the cost of paying for more complex treatment. Finance, subject to an application and approval, means the price of an Implant or Invisible brace can be as little as £35 a month. And you will enjoy the benefits of a healthier mouth or beautiful smile long after you have paid for the treatment. Just ask our receptionist or dentist for further details.

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    • “I haven’t been to the dentist in over ten years and naturally I was very nervous making the appointment. Dr Paula Brennan and her team made me feel very relaxed and their professional but approachable style was much appreciated. I ended up needing a filling and I can honestly say I felt no pain. Everything was explained in advance and communication skills were second to none. Facilities are spotless and modern. I will be a regular return client and I will recommend We Love Teeth to my colleagues and friends. Dentists are no longer to be feared!”

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