Wendy Walker

In 2012, Wendy Walker came to the conclusion that, while she liked her dentist, she just wasn’t happy with her smile.

As the owner of a successful recruitment consultancy it was a problem that was both a business and personal concern.

After weeks of looking for a practice that offered the latest cosmetic treatment at a reasonable price, it was Wendy’s husband who discovered WeLoveTeeth. He suggested Wendy pop in for a consultation.

Wendy's initial consultation

“I was a little nervous before meeting Paula for the first time but she soon put my mind at rest. We ended up having a good chat about what I wanted to achieve and how long it would take.”

Dr Brennan often finds that an initial consultation is most productive when it is away from a clinical environment. WeLoveTeeth has a relaxing space where anyone can talk about their hopes or fears without a dental chair in sight. An iMac is the only piece of equipment that is used to explain the many treatment options available.

Wendy admitted she disliked her teeth so much that it sometimes prevented her smiling. “My dream was to have a whiter smile that looked natural while allowing me to eat whatever I liked. I didn’t want an artificial Hollywood smile but I was prepared to go for a permanent solution like dental implants”.

At Wendy's first clinical appointment, a treatment plan is agreed

Dr Brennan arranged Wendy’s first clinical appointment which included a series of digital x-rays using her NOMAD; one of the only hand-held devices of it’s type in the world.

“It looks a little like a science fiction ray-gun,” says Paula with a smile. “But it’s a fantastic piece of equipment for quickly seeing beneath the surface of every tooth.

With NOMAD the patient’s exposure to x-rays is also lower than any other wall-mounted machine.”

  • I couldn’t be happier. I no longer worry about smiling and I certainly don’t have to compromise what I eat because of my teeth. I am so glad that I discovered WeLoveTeeth because they have finally helped me to love my own.
    Wendy Walker Wendy WalkerPatient

Dr Brennan also took intraoral photographs and scans, so that models could be built of Wendy’s teeth and gums.

With her homework done Dr Brennan carefully put together a treatment plan that was presented to Wendy. Every treatment stage was explained in detail together with alternatives and the costs involved.

The first decision for Wendy was an easy one… Joining WeLoveTeeth’s Membership plan. With a discount on all treatment she would immediately save enough money to get the first year of membership for free!

Treatment begins with the remarkable Air-Flow System

Wendy’s treatment began without Dr Brennan focussing on her teeth at all. Instead she carefully worked on her gums through a process of cleaning and disinfection. “Every patient can now benefit from our Airflow system,” she explains. “There is no need for me to use sharp instruments at all. Airflow simply uses water, air and a fine jet of powder to remove the bacteria which can lead to gum problems”.

Teeth Whitening with the Enlighten System

With Wendy’s gums in great condition she was ready to have her natural teeth whitened. The transformation was remarkable. Dr Brennan used the Enlighten teeth whitening system to achieve a result that was a full 10 shades lighter.

Grey fillings are replaced with natural looking tooth coloured inlays

Wendy could then wave goodbye to her grey coloured amalgam fillings. These were replaced with a combination of porcelain and ceramic inlays that were precisely colour matched to her newly whitened natural teeth.

Our CEREC machine allows Crowns to be made and fitted on the same day

Dr Brennan is keen to talk about one of her most impressive pieces of technology – CEREC. “Traditionally patients have often booked multiple appointments while a dental laboratory sculpted inlays or crowns. Our CEREC machine uses 3D scans of each tooth that are wirelessly sent to a robotic milling machine. In another room in the practice this machine sculpts a solid block of ceramic into something that perfectly fits the patient's tooth.

And it all happens while they read a magazine downstairs or catch up on the news. At over £70,000 the equipment doesn’t come cheap but the convenience for patients is worth every penny”.

To compliment her natural teeth Wendy opted for pure ceramic crowns with no visible metal.

Dental Implants to replace teeth

The final stage of treatment began with a Cone Bean CT Scan to allow planning of Wendy’s Dental Implants.

Dr Brennan extracted two teeth that were replaced with Implants that literally look as good as new.

Dr Brennan worked with her specialist Dr Asif Hamid to replace two of Wendy’s teeth with Implants that literally look as good as new.

Throughout her treatment Wendy was offered the option (which she often didn’t require) of pain relief using The Wand. Yet another innovative option at WeLoveTeeth, The Wand avoids that use of a syringe, to deliver anaesthetic without the needle phobia that many patients worry about.

The final result ...

The final result was everything that Wendy had dreamed of.

WeLoveTeeth can transform someone’s smile whatever their age. So if you are you concerned about missing, damaged or crooked teeth don’t put up with them any longer. Just pop in for a chat with Dr Paula Brennan.

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Treatment Guarantees up to 5 Years!

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“You can trust WeLoveTeeth to provide the best dental care with materials that really last.” Dr Paula Brennan BDS

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Although WeLoveTeeth accepts most popular debit and credit cards you may wish to spread the cost of paying for more complex treatment. Finance, subject to an application and approval, means the price of an Implant or Invisible brace can be as little as £35 a month. And you will enjoy the benefits of a healthier mouth or beautiful smile long after you have paid for the treatment. Just ask our receptionist or dentist for further details.

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    • “I haven’t been to the dentist in over ten years and naturally I was very nervous making the appointment. Dr Paula Brennan and her team made me feel very relaxed and their professional but approachable style was much appreciated. I ended up needing a filling and I can honestly say I felt no pain. Everything was explained in advance and communication skills were second to none. Facilities are spotless and modern. I will be a regular return client and I will recommend We Love Teeth to my colleagues and friends. Dentists are no longer to be feared!”

      Mr S Monkhouse Mr S MonkhouseSurgeon