Like most Criminal Barrister’s, Jeffrey Gubbay exudes confidence. While other people dread the thought of public speaking he has turned it into a successful career.

Yet despite the public persona Jeff was never happy with his smile.

“There is seldom a good reason to smile at a judge or jury,”

he says with a hint of relief,

“Or I would have sorted out mine earlier!”

But away from his legal world Jeff admits he longed for an attractive smile. He first thought of orthodontics at school but something always got in the way.

“The cost for my parents, time out from studying and probably my own fear all played a part in avoiding orthodontics. And then, after many, many years, I was lucky enough to chat with a very honest friend.”

For the first time during our conversation I sense unease.

“He admitted that I had a repertoire of smiles that all involved clenching my lips together. Not a great look.”

Jeff grins broadly and demonstrates the transformation that took place at WeLoveTeeth.

“Fortunately my friend didn’t just take the mickey, he recommended Dr Paula Brennan. The following week I popped into the see her and started the ball rolling”.

Paula carefully put together a treatment plan that lasted 15 months. Throughout it Jeff was able to eat, drink and crucially speak as well as ever.

  • Paula carefully put together a treatment plan in three stages. First came Six Month Smiles, the latest way to quickly and safely move teeth with clear braces. This was followed by Cosmetic Bonding, to shape individual teeth and finally Enlighten teeth whitening. Enlighten is the only whitening system in the world to guarantee VITA shade B1 on every case irrespective of the starting shade. Throughout the treatment Jeff was able to eat, drink and crucially speak as well as ever.
    Jeffrey Gubbay Jeffrey GubbayPatient

“I was so excited to finally see the result when my braces were removed. I literally couldn’t stop smiling. And since then so many people have commented.”

Time for a some cross examination of my own. I press him on typical reactions.

“Sometimes they aren’t sure what has changed. They tell me I just look very happy. Other’s want to know every detail about the treatment and where they can get it!”

Jeff shakes his head and looks dismayed,

“I look back at holiday snaps and realise how much I hated my teeth. Now I don’t just have a nice smile, I find myself smiling more often.”

I ask him whether it helps at work.

“I usually have to keep a poker face in Court. At least until the verdict is in. If it goes my way… well everyone can enjoy Dr Paula Brennan’s work.’

About Jeffrey's Smile Makeover

Paula carefully put together a treatment plan that lasted 15 months. Throughout it Jeff was able to eat, drink and crucially speak as well as ever. He had the following treatments:

six month smiles - weybridge dentist

Dr Paula Brennan is an accredited Six Month Smiles Provider. Six Month Smiles is a short term orthodontic treatment which has taken the best aspects of braces and modified the treatment and the materials to give adults a cosmetic solution that fits your lifestyle.

tooth whitening - weybridge dentist

Dr Paula Brennan is an accredited Enlighten Tooth Whitening Provider. The Enlighten professional teeth whitening treatment is the only system in the world that will whiten up to 16 shades easily and safely and will give you a dramatic look.

cosmetic teeth bonding- weybridge dentist

Cosmetic Bonding involves bonding a tooth colored composite resin material to the tooth. The tooth colored composite resins are used to repair chips in teeth, close small gaps, alter the shape of teeth and cover discolourations and marks.

WeLoveTeeth can transform someone’s smile whatever their age. So if you are you concerned about missing, damaged or crooked teeth don’t put up with them any longer. Just pop in for a chat with Dr Paula Brennan.

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Treatment Guarantees up to 5 Years!

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    • “I haven’t been to the dentist in over ten years and naturally I was very nervous making the appointment. Dr Paula Brennan and her team made me feel very relaxed and their professional but approachable style was much appreciated. I ended up needing a filling and I can honestly say I felt no pain. Everything was explained in advance and communication skills were second to none. Facilities are spotless and modern. I will be a regular return client and I will recommend We Love Teeth to my colleagues and friends. Dentists are no longer to be feared!”

      Mr S Monkhouse Mr S MonkhouseSurgeon