Report finds that parents should take their children to the dentist before their first birthday

Sara Hurley, Chief Dental officer for England, has recommended that infants should visit the dentist when their first teeth emerge, which can be at around at six months.  These early appointments should be routine pleasant experiences in which the dentist checks the milk teeth are coming through properly as well as giving advice on diet and brushing teeth. The report is part of a drive by the NHS to try and reduce high rates of tooth extractions among pre-school children.

The recommendations have been backed by the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry and NHS England which have launched the ‘Dental Check by One‘ campaign, however, there will be no extra funding made available to pay for the proposed improvements.

The Report findings include:

  • A quarter of five-year-olds have tooth decay
  • Hurley is asking England’s 22,000 NHS dentists to see an additional four children under the age of two over the next year
  • Part of the NHS England and Department of Health campaign will be interventions in 13 local authority areas considered to be of high priority for childhood tooth decay
  • Only 3% of babies were taken to the dentist before their first birthday and less than 12% of children attend before their second birthday
  • A separate analysis by the Royal College of Surgeons Faculty of Dental Surgery found that 80% of children aged between one and two had not visited an NHS dentist in the past year

Free Child Checkups at WeLoveTeeth

At WeLoveTeeth, we offer free checkups to children aged under 12 when an adult also books an appointment. These appointments will allow your children to get familiar with the surroundings of a dental practice and in our experience, the vast majority of children will not require any treatment at all. These sessions are an opportunity for us to educate and provide advice for parents on brushing, nutrition and oral hygiene as well as providing tactics to help your children brush effectively.

Register with us today

Whether you’re an existing patient and would like to book an appointment or a new patient interested in our services, please get in touch and we would be delighted to hear from you 🙂

Our new CEREC Machine allows Crowns to be fitted in a single visit

WeLoveTeeth has recently invested in the CEREC system which allows us to produce ceramic dental restoration using advanced computer software in a single  visit to the practice. 

CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) is a dental restoration device that allows us to produce ceramic dental restorations using advanced computer software in just one visit to WeLoveTeeth. We can now prepare restorations such as crowns, veneers, onlays, and inlays using different types of ceramic material while you wait.

Find out more about the CEREC machine on our Crowns Page

Smile Makeover Case Study

Smile Makeover – Jeffrey Gubbay’s Story

Jeffry Gubbay, a criminal barrister had never been happy with his smile. He had always avoided orthodontics for a number of reasons including the cost for his parents, time out from studying and his own fears. Fortunately for him, he was lucky enough to chat with an honest friend who recommended him towards Dr Paula Brennan.

Paula carefully put together a treatment plan in three stages. First came Six Month Smiles, the latest way to quickly and safely move teeth with clear braces. This was followed by Cosmetic Bonding, to shape individual teeth and finally Enlighten teeth whitening. Enlighten is the only whitening system in the world to guarantee VITA shade B1 on every case irrespective of the starting shade. Throughout the treatment Jeff was able to eat, drink and crucially speak as well as ever.

>Read his full story

Weybridge Dentist - We Love Teeth

Smile and you could get a better job!

That’s the surprising result of a BUPA survey of over 2000 people. Two thirds of respondents considered a good smile to be ‘an important asset’ at work.

And as for management,  54% stated that one of the best motivation techniques was a genuine smile. 42% even thought that people with healthy-looking teeth were more authoritative.

If you don’t like your smile then don’t put up with it any more. After all it could be holding your career back. Give us a call today on 01932 70 1234.

Free children's checkups - Weybridge dentist

For a dental appointment during term time you have to do your homework

Summer already feels like a distant memory for most parents. The rush is on to get their children settled into another academic year. New schools and colleges, teachers and friends. It’s no surprise that there isn’t much time available for mundane chores like a dental checkup. And it’s made even harder when many dental practices refuse to open at a suitable time for their customers.

WeLoveTeeth takes a very different approach. Open every Saturday (Sunday from 2016) and appointments after the school day has ended.

We also offer outstanding value for money, with a free checkup for any child if their mum or dad has one at the same time.

Starting a new school year is frantic enough already, the last thing anyone needs is extra work finding a dentist to look after their children’s teeth!

Dentist Vacancy

Dentist and Hygienist Vacancies – Join our team

We currently have vacancies for a Dentist and a Hygienist. To apply, call Dr Paula Brennan on 07730 202 827.

Dentist Vacancy

We are looking for a dentist to join our growing team with at least three years experience. Post-graduate experience, a love of cosmetic dentistry and a special interest is certainly an asset… but what our patients really demand is a very gentle touch.

Full-time hours are available but you must expect to work flexibly and on a Saturday. To apply, call Dr Paula Brennan on 07730 202 827

Hygienist Vacancy

You may be well qualified and effective at treating perio disease but are you great at building a rapport with patients? Will they look forward to seeing you every three months for years to come? If you think the answer is yes then call Dr Paula Brennan on 07730 202 827.

Initially you will be working 2-3 days a week but with scope to extend. We are offering an attractive salary package for high performance in our beautiful Weybridge practice.



From Wave Dental Spa to We Love Teeth

What does a Spa bring to mind?

Relaxation, a calm and tranquil environment. The smell of aromatherapy oils and nothing louder than the trickle of water or perhaps soothing music.

Hardly the stuff of a traditional dental surgery and the very reason it was chosen by Dr Paula Brennan as an important part of her brand, Wave Dental Spa in Weybridge.

Fast forward two years and hundreds of customers will testify to their love of a practice that looks more like an Apple Store than a dentist.

So why the change to WeLoveTeeth?

Dr Paula Brennan Dr Brennan sits back in her newly designed consultation room without a piece of medical equipment in sight.

Few people enjoy visiting the dentist which is why I went to such great lengths to change their perception of what one could be like. That challenge continues but now the time is right to really broaden our appeal.

In steps Dominic Brennan, Paula’s husband and a very handy addition to the team. Having spent more than twenty years in some of the world’s largest advertising agencies he’s a ‘creative’ who’s won numerous awards and knows a fair bit about building brands.

Wave felt right to an important group of people that Paula was trying to reach,” Dominic explains. “But a Spa is synonymous with a retreat that excludes children. And that’s one thing Paula certainly doesn’t want to do.

So we went back to the drawing board and looked again at what people didn’t like about visiting the dentist. The same things came up again and again: Pain, price and convenience.

Was Dominic surprised by the research he did?

The strength of feeling among members of the public was stronger than almost any research I’ve done before. They didn’t dislike visiting their existing dentist… they HATED it!

And yet Paula and her team clearly love what they do.

“WeLoveTeeth literally stands for the feeling of the people who work there. It’s the perfect antidote to the way others view dentistry”.

But isn’t this merely a way of glossing over the hidden truth?

We’ve done far more than simply redesign a logo and website. Huge effort went into tackling what people don’t like about visiting the dentist. Our prices are the best around. And customers can find them quickly and easily. Nothing is hidden behind technical jargon or under the receptionist’s desk.

We built this room specifically to give people the chance to sit down and discuss treatment; away from any scary medical equipment.

Paula is keen to talk about her innovations.

Some people are terrified of needles, so we have a system for administering anaesthetic that doesn’t require a syringe at all. If a customer can’t bare the sound of a dental drill we can offer a laser instead. Even our Hygienist can remove plaque or calculus without sharp instruments.

We Love Teeth Consultation room Well that’s the pain and price taken care of. What about convenience?

We are already open 6 days a week,” says Paula, “But aiming for 7 and some very early and late appointments. It’s what the commuters of Weybridge would love, so that’s what we have to provide.

Is Paula planning on sleeping at her business to satisfy demand?

We are already searching for additional members of the team. But that’s not something I’m prepared to rush.

So it really is bye bye to Wave.

There’s a great deal that’s changed but quite a lot that won’t. We are still in this lovely building with floor to ceiling glass. A relaxing environment which smells lovely as you walk in. You’ll still be offered a cappuccino by our receptionist and it will never feel like a dental surgery.

Paula and Dominic are right. There really is a lot to love about WeLoveTeeth.

Dr Asif Hamid joins a team of volunteers in Nepal Earthquake relief team

WeLoveTeeth dentist Dr Asif Hamid was among a 12 person medical team that flew out to Nepal following the devastating earthquake, which killed more than 8,000 people and left hundreds of thousands displaced.

weloveteeth_1_r2_c6 Asif, is a volunteer with the international aid charity Humanity First ( Within four days of the disaster Humanity first were able to mobilize a medical team of 12, surgeons, physicians, paramedics and logistics staff to respond to the disaster.

The team were able to treat over 1000 patients in the villages of Batase and Tinmane. These villages are in Nepal’s rural interior and are difficult to access by road. The medical conditions treated included traumatic injury as a result of the earthquake, breathing difficulties, conditions related to exposure and psychological trauma. The team saw first hand the devastation to the Nepalese people’s homes and livelihoods.

Since the earthquake Asif has helped raise over £7,000 to help the survivors

Over the 12 days he was there, he experienced further tremors.

“It really shakes your belief in everything. The one thing you felt was certain – standing on solid ground – is taken away and there is a feeling of impending doom. It makes you realise how minor we all are in the grand scheme of things.”

Even though his volunteering role drew on his organisational, communications and logistical, rather than dental skills, Asif being a dentist in his core, still taught the local children how to brush their teeth properly!

“I had toothpaste and toothbrushes and taught the local children how to brush their teeth properly. Children are amazing and resilient, despite everything they were going through it made them smile and they had such happy faces. Some even came the next day to show me their lovely clean teeth.”